MACHAIL MATA की पूर्ण कथा

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It is a matter of ancient time when an elderly woman lived with her 7 children in her small house. One day when she got up in the morning, she looked at a stone which was coming out from the ground. She started breaking that stone, but the stone became as big as she tried to break it. The elderly woman sat down losing her courage and started thinking what she would do now. At night, the machail mother came in her dream and said her that the stone you are trying to break is my image and her PINDI. The elderly woman asked mother why you don’t go to their house, whose house is very big. My house is very small you cannot stay here because if you stay here then where do I and my children go?

As soon as the next morning, the elderly lady began to break the stone, Machail Mother ended her 7 children to punish her. The elderly lady realized her mistake and she started crying loudly. The mother could not see the elderly lady weeping and in the new form, Mother came to prepare food for her and fed her with great love.

One day the elderly lady said to machail mother what will I do now in my life, my world ends with my children. Elderly woman prays to the mother can she stay inside her. Mother gave 2 boons to elderly lady.

  • Anyone who gets the चौकी of my name will first cry in your memory then my चौकी will be accepted.
  • The second boon that now in this village everyone will use only one bull for planting the farm, if someone will use two bulls in the farm, both of their bulls will die..
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