Dodham Yatra

The most religious pilgrimage in India

Do Dham Yatra

dia is the land of many fascinations where the religious values are the most retreated one with the heritage marvels and cultural values being the added puddings. The land of the ancient temples and with oodles of spiritual destinations, India serves as the best destination for pilgrimage and spiritual centers. Uttarakhand has the greatest invoking power to grab the attention of around millions of pilgrims every year that commences on the month of May/June every year to continue the legacy of Hinduism till the month of November.

But, surprisingly and impressively, there is one more fair reason to catch the attention of the pilgrims and the worldwide tourists apart from the legendary significance; and that is the scientific reason behind Chardham Yatra.

Experience the famous Dodham Yatra

Since, the different dodham temples are located on the lush Himalayan valleys, the ambience and the environment brings refreshing moods for all. Quite away from the polluted urban life, the area brings ample amount of fresh air, greenery and less pollution (and population too) for a rejuvenating fruition.

The natural environment, herbs and greenery make everyone disease-free; and meditating along this place leads to a longer life. This was the reason, why our ancient sages (Rishi-Munis) survived for hundreds of years and spent their days in meditating at the highest Himalayan peaks. Of course, it is impossible in today’s scenario but one can still find many local people surviving healthily there for longer years.


Dodham Yatra

Nestled in the lap of mesmerizing Indian Himalayas in Uttarakhand


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